Our Brands

Large Selection of Quality Juices, Nectars and Iced Tea

Award Winning Mineral Water from the Extaler Spring

Not-From-Concentrate 100% Fruit Juices

Fruit Juice Beverages & Mixes

Fruit Juice Beverages & Iced Tea

Healthy Vegetable Juices

Full-Bodied Certified Organic Arabica Coffee

Original German All-Natural Wholemeal Bread & Mueslie

Original German All-Natural Mueslie by Mestemacher

Compact Food for Desaster Relief & Marine Survival

Organic Food Bars with Superfoods or Protein

Organic cookies and snacks

Recyclable eco friendly food take out boxes, bags, napkins & more made of (C)PLA, RPET, kraft paper, carton

Recyclable eco friendly cups, plates, cutlery & more made of (C)PLA, RPET, palm leafs, carton


Fruit Juice, Concentrates, Purees & IQFs in Conventional or Organic Quality (Bulk Only)

Superfoods (Bulk Only)


Product Range

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