Wonders of the Coconut

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The coconut has been the traditional refreshing drink in Asia and South & Central America for centuries- not just because it tastes good, but also because of the positive health effects attributed to it. Coconut juice (or coconut water as most locals would say) has also been used for medicinal purposes throughout history. Today numerous studies prove the positive effects on health and diseases prevalent in industrialized countries.

The coconut is actually not a nut, but rather the single-seed stone fruit of the coconut palm. The liquid contained in the fruit is therefore a fruit juice, although commonly referred to as “coconut water”.

Most consumers are familiar with old, brown coconuts and the products extracted from their white dry flesh, such as coconut milk for cooking and shredded coconut for baking. On the contrary, a young green coconut contains ten times more coconut juice than pulp. The clear, colorless juice from young coconuts tastes slightly sour and wonderfully fresh.

Coconut juice has virtually no fat and contains a wealth of minerals, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium. Its nutrient content is isotonic and is an excellent thirst quencher during hot summer days and after sport.

The coconut palm grows in humid coastal areas and along riverbanks. It is not a difficult plant, thrives without fertilizers, weathers tropical storms with ease and yields a big harvest. Coconut juice, however, is a highly sensitive product, which is difficult to process without sacrificing taste and nutritional value. Some manufacturers unfortunately use ultra-high-temperature processing -that kills both the bacteria as well as the nutrients- while others resort to using the juice of old, brown coconut.

Consumers can usually tell from the taste whether they are drinking juice from a young or from an old coconut; if the juice tastes fresh and light, it’s from a young, green coconut.


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