What does “Certified Organic” mean?

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The vast majority of Europeans & US consumers say they trust certified organic products. Why is that?

Organic products are high quality products, always non-GMO and free from pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, antibiotics etc. They are also rich in nutrition and taste. Organic farming is also protecting the environment, providing good conditions for farmers and boosting rural development. Organic farming is an agricultural system that provides the consumer with fresh, tasty and authentic food while respecting natural life-cycle systems.

Typical organic farming practices include…

  • Wide crop rotation
  • Very strict limits on chemical synthetic pesticide and synthetic fertilizer use, livestock antibiotics, food additives and processing aids and other inputs
  • Absolute prohibition of the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO)
  • Taking advantage of on-site resources, such as livestock manure for fertilizer or feed produced on the farm
  • Choosing plant and animal species that are resistant to disease and adapted to local conditions
  • Raising livestock in free-range, open-air systems and providing them with organic feed
  • Using animal husbandry practices appropriate to different livestock species


The EU organic logo and labeling is a quick and simple way for consumers to recognize organic produce, and an important step in guaranteeing that organic produce is always of the same high standard.

Organic Farming is also part of a larger supply chain, which encompasses food processing, distribution and retailing sectors. Good to know, that all organic operators, from farmer to retailer, are controlled at least once per year. So every time consumers buy an organic apple from their local supermarket, or choose an organic wine from the menu at their favorite restaurant, they can be sure the products were produced & distributed according to strict rules aimed at respecting the product quality, the environment and animals.

Eating organically grown food has many advantages for your health- read more about it in this blog post.