Pros & Cons of the Master Cleanse

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Whenever people start talking about cleansing, the master cleanse invariably comes up for discussion. It has been around for decades and has been sparking discussions for just as long. Let’s see what the advantages and the disadvantages are?

The master cleanse was designed to detoxify our body and clear out all sorts of toxins that are stuck in our body, i.e. in our organs and cells. The cleanse is an all-liquid fast based on water, lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper and will typically last around 10 days. See more details on our blog.

So, what’s great about it?

  • Our body gets a break from having to digest food, especially a great break from junk foods.
  • The body therefore has a chance to regenerate, cleanse and heal itself.
  • Due to the low caloric intake, we probably loose weight- some loose as much as a pound a day.
  • Cleanses organs -especially the liver- and the digestive tract.
  • Relieves pain especially in joints and reduces stiffness.

And what’s not so great about it?

  • Some side effects might include dizziness, disorientation or confusion. These are signs that our body is detoxing. They can be rather unsettling but can be reduced with the proper detox strategies.
  • Breaking the fast can be very difficult or even upsetting if not done correctly.
  • The high sugar content can be counter productive or even dangerous to some. For example, diabetics, cancer patients and persons with high level of inflammation might not want to use the recipe of the master cleanse.
  • The weight loss might be short lived and the weight often comes back- this is the well known jo-jo effect.
  • The metabolism slows down during the fast and if not brought back up, the now lower level might cause more weight gain.

You decide!

Whether or not the cleanse is for you, is a very personal decision. It is also very helpful to simply detox one day a week using the recipe of the master cleanse and then increase to two or more days in the future. This will still detoxify your body on a more ongoing basis instead of a “crush fast”. It might also be a good idea to reduce the maple syrup somewhat or add green superfoods such as chlorella or spirulina to help the body cleanse even better.

No matter the choice, any form of fast, whether long or intermittent, is great for the body and the mind. Find the recipe for an easier version of the master cleanse here.







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