Is Coffee Healthy- Or Not?

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Speculation on the effects of coffee drinking on health is as old as the history of coffee itself.

In the 17th century, positive effects on heart and circulatory illnesses and digestive problems were attributed to coffee. Coffee was considered a cure-all and therefore sold by pharmacies. This euphoria ended in the 18th century when frequent coffee drinking was said to have negative consequences such as panic attacks or pounding hearts.

“Coffee is enjoyment without remorse, but there can be no enjoyment without remorse.”

True to this belief, coffee has been spared no accusations regarding the health risks associated with it. However, as the methods designed to examine possible damage to health have become increasingly sophisticated and exact, it is now possible to refute these negative allegations using the latest techniques in long-term studies. These show that caffeine is harmless if coffee is consumed in moderation. From a medical point of view, caffeine is a slight stimulant for the central nervous system and is therefore also used as an ingredient in many medications. Caffeine helps people cope better with depressive moods and feelings of fear.

Today, coffee is one of small pleasures of daily life for many people- a tasty, stimulating cup of coffee with its wonderful aroma represents enjoyment and “joie de vivre”. It is the stimulating effect of caffeine that makes a cup of coffee in the morning so refreshing and enlivening. The caffeine in coffee promotes liveliness, vitality and attentiveness.  And of course, consumers who enjoy the taste of coffee but prefer to avoid the caffeine can always choose decaffeinated coffee.






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