How To Use Organic Baobab

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Baobab is a tree that thrives in the hot, dry savanna in Africa. In its native areas it has various uses, but its fruit has become popular worldwide for its flavor and nutritional richness. Baobab is typically produced with minimal processing and helps many African women to support themselves in a rough environment.

The dry fruit is harvested, and fruit pulp is separated from the skin and seed. This is then milled into powder and sieved. Baobab is high in Vitamin C and Calcium, which helps to support the immune system and maintain strong bones and teeth. Organic Baobab’s many health benefits include digestive health, anti-oxidant protection and skin rejuvenation.

Take 1 tablespoon per day, mixed with juice or a smoothie or add to food. Add to your breakfast cereal or oats porridge, blend into your low fat yogurt and serve with chopped fruit. Mix some baobab powder into your bread dough and enjoy with baobab jam. Create healthy treats by adding it into your pancakes, cookies or cakes.

Baobab and Banana Milkshake
½ cup milk
2 tbsp baobab fruit powder
3 scoops plain ice-cream
1 ripe banana, sliced
2 ginger-nut biscuits

Blend all ingredients (except ginger-nuts) together until smooth. Pour into glass and garnish with crushed ginger-nut biscuits.





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