Conventional & Organic Products

Brand Representations
Amari Trading is marketing and distributing conventional and organic food & beverages throughout the Caribbean. We represent 12 market leading A-brands with over 750 SKU’s, including mineral water, fruit juice, nectars, iced tea, German wholemeal bread, mueslie, raw food snacks, energy drinks, rooibos beverages as well as eco friendly & compostable dinnerware and packaging.

Bulk Deliveries
Amari Trading is offering a variety of fruit juice concentrates, fruit purees and superfoods in bulk to food & beverage producers throughout the Caribbean and Europe.

At A Glance
  • Conventional Product Range
  • Certified Organic Product Range
  • EU and/or USDA Certifications
  • Non-GMO Products
  • Simple Order Process
  • Quick Turn-Around
  • Easy Consolidation
  • Fast Growing Portfolio
Our Brands

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